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The Immortality Herb

There is no single better way to describe Jiaogulan tea than how ancient Chinese used to call it. To this day, many people, especially from The Peoples’ Republic of China refer to this plant as the immortality herb. There are many reasons why the plant deserves this lofty title. What though, is this plant that we are talking about? Jiaogulan tea is a wild plant that dominant in many parts of China. The leaves of this plant are used for their medicinal uses. Because of the place where it is prevalent, the medicine that is produced from the leaves is sometimes known as Southern Ginseng.

For many years, people living in the Southern China’s mountainous region have used the plant for several reasons. Tea capsules that are still produced from Jiaogulan tea plant were used as energizing agents. Therefore, many people from the region could take a given number of capsules each morning before they ascended to their plantations for work with the believe that they would be energized throughout the day. It has worked that way for a long time. Some who could not access the processed capsules could take it in a form as a hot drink. Throughout the vast area, Jiaogulan tea is known as the best rejuvenating elixir that is better than ginseng. However, there are other potential benefits.

Benefits Of Jiaogulan Tea

Jiaogulan tea high blood pressure is one of the major medicinal uses of this plant. Doctors advise patients who are suffering from high blood pressure to try this plant’s medicine. It is believed that extracts from Jiaogulan tea leaves are crushed and used to make a drug that is responsible to improve cardiac function. Recent studies indicate that the drug can actually improve heart stroke volume by 37%. In a bid to help patients maintain and regulate their blood pressure, Jiaogulan tea has active oxidants that are responsible for stabilizing blood pressure by relaxing blood vessels; strengthening them thus encouraging the optimal blood flow, maintain blood viscosity and the promotion of blood flow especially in the peripheral arteries. Simply put, Jiaogulan tea has what is required to address underlying causes of high blood pressure.

It would be wrong to point out to only one or few benefits of Jiaogulan tea since there are several other uses of the plant. Doctors still have strong believes that the plant can be used to prevent and treat other medical conditions such as metabolic syndrome, bronchitis, gallstones; backache, constipation, ulcers, general body pain, insomnia, memory improvement, obesity, regulating cholesterol levels, diabetes, cancer, and cardiovascular complications among others.

Yes, try Jiaogulan tea high blood pressure today and you will realize the reenergizing, rejuvenating and longevity nutritional value of this immortality plant from Southern Ginseng, China.


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