by Dr. William Prior | 12:56 pm

Hibiscus tea and high blood pressure

Hibiscus tea(Hibiscus sabdariffa), also known as Roselle, has been used to treat hypertension in both African and Asian traditional medicine. In 1996, researchers confirmed this age-old wisdom by showing that a tea made from

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by Dr. William Prior | 8:30 am

The Best Whole Food: Jiaogulan

Many people are increasingly becoming cautious of what they eat, and often they would rather consume “whole foods.” The concept of whole food is a fairly new concept to most of us. Whole foods

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by Dr. William Prior | 5:37 am

Gynostemma and Berberine

As the knowledge about the medicinal properties of Gynostemma spreads, it would surely not take long before people would compare it with other traditional medicinal herbs. Sure enough, nowadays, it is already compared with

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